Posted by Lori Marsh on Dec 2nd 2021

Service Dogs Are Going to College

Some people benefit from having a service animal to navigate college (and life). These animals are frequently permitted in public places such as dormitories, apartments, and classrooms.However, we get …

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Posted by Lori Marsh on Nov 8th 2021

Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs?

Is CBD Safe For Dogs?Studies have shown that adding CBD oil can offer a lot of benefits for your dog. CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid compound derived from CBD. CBD work …

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Posted by Lori Marsh on Aug 11th 2021

Best Natural Dog Chews of 2021

Dog’s naturally love to chew. And it can be challenging for owners to find a healthy chew that can withstand your dog’s destructive habits. Having a variety of toys for your dog to chew on can help ke …

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Posted by Lori Marsh on Jul 27th 2021

Best Alternatives to Rawhide Dog Chews

You love your pet, and you often put their safety at the top of the list. But not all toys and chews are made the same. Because it’s essential to offer your dog some type of chew to satisfy their natu …

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