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Are Collagen Sticks Food for Dogs?

Yes and no. Collagen sticks made from all-natural beef, chicken, or fish are perfectly safe for dogs to eat! Moreover, they are not only safe and scrumptious for dogs but also can be super beneficial for them. They are a great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. However, they cannot replace a balanced diet. 

When searching for collagen sticks, be sure you buy them from a dog-safe reputable company that uses quality ingredients with care.

A dog outside holding a peanut butter flavored beef cheek roll.

Pet Nutritionists Know

Veterinarians and pet nutritionalists alike often will recommend their patients; treats, supplements, and chews that can help improve the life of our furry best friends. Collagen sticks are an easy unique way to help canines worldwide live their absolute best lives!

Some of the Benefits of Collagen Sticks for Dogs

  • Improves Digestibility
  • Supports Bone and Joint Health
  • Supports Healthy Teeth and Gums
  • Full of Needed Protein
  • Low in Fat
  • Packed with Vitamins and Minerals
  • Gives Them Needed Stimulation
  • Natural Antioxidant
  • Disease Prevention

A Well-Rounded Dog Diet 

When it comes down to daily food intake, how do we know if we are giving our dogs the best, most nutritious foods available? Because every dog is different! It is important to first listen and be advised by your dog’s nutritionalist when choosing their specific menu.

While many people recommend talking with your vet (and they should be included in decisions!) this might not be the best option. Many vets recommend foods that they receive monetary compensation for promoting brands. Furthermore, they don’t receive nutritional training during their schooling. Talking with a specialist can help your dog live their best life. 

Nutrition Your Dog Needs

Whether from a manufactured kibble or raw food source, a healthy dog’s diet might not look much different from our own diet. Lots of inclusion of fresh whole foods with a perfect melody of meats and vegetables is crucial. A canine’s diet requires vital animal protein from things like animal bones, skin, meat, offal, and eggs. 

Colorful nutritious fruits and vegetables can give our dogs the energy they need too. As well as a boost from a large variety of bioactive superfoods like fish oil, kelp, herbs, and flaxseed. Some of the best veggies that dogs love to eat are pumpkin, sweet potato, and spinach. But there are dozens of types of fresh vegetables that are completely safe for dogs. Fruits like blueberries can often be found in pre-made dog foods, which are rich in antioxidants that help build up the immune system naturally. 

Getting your pup the vitamins, minerals, and fiber they need is also very important. Dogs need a wide range of nutrients to live a happy, full, healthy life. And while kibble may not be the best choice, it’s nutritionally balanced, complete, and easy to feed. Making it a great option for many owners. 

A great source of vitamins and minerals for dogs can be found in products like beef collagen chew sticks. They are rich in Vitamin C, phosphorus, fiber, and calcium. These minerals help bodily functions and internal processes. Aiding with doggy digestion, metabolism, strong muscles, and proper bone structure development. 

Not to be forgotten, the importance of hydration! Water is essential for all life, without water, a body will just not function properly. Water also helps the nutrients from food move in and out of the body more efficiently. 

A dog holding a Longlastics jumbo cane

Should Collagen Sticks Be Given To Replace A Meal?

No, a collagen chew stick shouldn’t really act as a meal replacement. However, they are dog-safe and healthy alongside a balanced diet. Watch out for ingredient lists though! A good collagen stick should be made from a single ingredient like beef, chicken, or fish. 

Speaking of collagen sticks, stay away from sticks with fillers and dodge companies that use needless artificial flavoring! Look for ingredient lists that are processed by using only single ingredients like 100 percent grass-fed beef corium. 

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How Often Can I Give My Dog a Collagen Stick?

Pet experts recommend no more than one collagen stick or chew each day. But it’s useful to know that your dog might have their individual daily nutritional needs. Determining factors might include but aren’t limited to a dog’s size, breed, activity level, and whether they have existing health conditions. 

What is the Best Collagen Stick for My Dog?

Our dogs wait by the door patiently for us to come home where they greet us happily, tails wagging. Those priceless wet kisses and nose boops when you sit on the couch to watch your favorite show together. No matter what, they are there for us, to listen and to love! A dog’s love could make any gray day seem a little brighter.

No question, dogs are the best! So what is the best chew we can give them? How can we show our love back? 

With TREATS! (of course) 

Treat your furry friend with a long-lasting beef collagen stick! Choose a collagen stick that is appropriately sized for your dog. For larger breeds and perpetual power chewers, choose a stick like an 11” to 12” thick Longlastics Collagen Stick by Barking Buddha Pet Products.

For smaller to medium-sized dogs, a better fit might be a collagen stick chew that is under 7 inches in length. 

Collagen is Fuel for the Body

A dog’s food source is the foundation and the main building blocks of their mind and body. Food is a primary source of vitality, strength, and power. It can either hurt or enhance their lives drastically. So it is vital they get the correct fuel to stay healthy. 

Collagen helps keep dogs healthy and active! Beef collagen sticks release peptides and essential amino acids into the muscles which can ultimately improve mobility and increase overall strength. 

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