Natural Pet Collagen Chews

“To keep the body in good health is a duty–otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.” -Buddha-

We love our dogs even more than they love snacking on delicious treats! Naturally, we as concerned parents just want the best, tastiest, and healthiest foods for our canine family. Natural pet collagen chews are an extremely healthy choice for our dogs and great for their body and mind. 

Collagen is the primary structural protein found in the skin, tissue, tendons, ligaments, joints, and cartilage of all living creatures. About one-third of our dog’s body is made up of this crucial protein and it works as a type of glue that holds the body together and helps us grow up healthy and strong.

Collagen is highly effective when eaten, and has so many possible health benefits for our pups. 

Here’s why you’ll love these chews just as much as they will love eating them.

A dog on the couch chewing on a Longlastics cane.

Pet Collagen Chews Are Made With All Natural Ingredients

Collagen chews are making their paw print in the booming pet industry, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Collagen can come from many natural products like bone broth, eggs, and leafy greens, but especially from meat.  

A proper pet collagen chew for your pup should be made with a single-ingredient collagen source like grass-fed beef corium. Beef corium collagen chews and chew sticks are made from the meaty layer of raw material on the upper part of the muscle in cattle. It is safe for dogs to enjoy and comes with a long list of health benefit bonuses for them. 

It is important for collagen chews to be all-natural with no extra additives, chemicals, or preservatives. There are huge advantages for both animals and humans to eat from a diet as unprocessed as we possibly can.

Because healthy dogs are happy dogs! Feeding pets natural fresh ingredients can promote cleaner teeth with fresher smelling breath, improve weight, vision, hydration, and digestion issues, decrease inflammation and pain, aid with appetite, and even increase chances for a longer life. 

Natural Pet Collagen Chews Are Highly Digestible

Pet safety is always going to be a top priority. So many dogs end up at the vet showing some sign of digestible distress or worse, internal blockage. Rawhides and cheaply processed chews are now known to the pet community to be notorious risks for canines. 

Safe-to-chew and fully digestible collagen sticks are also packed full of minerals, peptides, and amino acids which help aid in the natural digestion process. (Okay, maybe it’s more like 99.8% but dog food is only about 96%, so I think we can just say fully at this point.) 

Constipation in dogs is a prevalent issue, studies are currently in the works on the effects of beef collagen on the digestive system. Early study results are calling for positive reports on collagen being one of the most unique gut-healing amino acids that can help in the regulation of regular bowel movements. 

Natural Collagen Chews Promote Good Dental Health

People often forget or overlook the crucial aspect of oral health! The reality is that dogs overwhelmingly experience dental diseases as the most prevalent medical conditions. Furhtermore, over 80 percent of canines exhibit some form of dental disease after reaching the age of three.

There are many reasons why natural collagen chews can help promote your dog’s dental health. Peptides in collagen have been shown to allow teeth and gums to heal over time. Your dog chewing on an all-natural collagen stick can also aid in plaque removal, stop bad breath, and keep them busy and actively chewing.

Luckily, things like tartar buildup and periodontal disease in dogs are completely preventable. Also, it’s never too late to start promoting their oral hygiene. Natural Collagen is the “no stress” answer for in-between brushing. In addition to professional cleanings and regular brushing, giving your dogs a quality long-lasting natural collagen chew can make a positive change to their dental health.

That’s where Barking Buddha Pet’s Longlastics chew comes in handy. These durable chews are natural, and can help promote good dental health, all in one tasty chew. Pick up a pack for your dog today. 

Natural Collagen Chews Are Rich In Protein And Extremely Low In Fat

Easily digestible naturally-made collagen chews have high levels of protein without all the artificial substances of some other treats and chews. They have no fillers, so our doggies can get all the wholesome natural nourishment they deserve to remain happy and active. 

They are also low in fat, and frankly, your dog won’t notice but their joints will thank you. By providing our dogs with low-fat, high-quality nutritional snacks and chews, they will receive a natural immunity boost. 

A package of Longlastics collagen stick chews.

A Longer Healthier Life with Longlastics

“Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food!” -Hippocrates

It is very true for humans and animals alike, what we put in is what we get back! Eating the right foods has never been more paramount for our overall health. For our dogs, it will always be nothing but the best for them!

At Barking Buddha, they care that all dogs live longer healthier lives. It began when President Patrick Caprez rescued a terrier mix,Clapton, from a local animal shelter. He wanted to make sure to give Clapton the best life, and with the cleanest healthiest foods to enjoy. So the research began!

Along with branding guru and inspirational leader Vice President of Marketing Lucy, they are now fully committed together to nurture pet health, and will never stop striving to put out the best products made from top-shelf natural ingredients. 

Try Barking Buddha Longlastics Collagen Chews, made from single-ingredient grass-fed 100 percent beef collagen. All Barking Buddha products are made in an FDA-approved facility and their collagen chews come in a variety of sizes.

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