How are beef cheek rolls made and are there downsides?

Have you ever wondered how beef cheek rolls for dogs are made? It’s a fascinating process that starts with selecting high-quality, human-grade ingredients and ends with delicious, wholesome treats that your pup will love.

From sourcing the best meats to preparing them for rolling, we’ll take you through every step of the process so you can understand what goes into making these tasty snacks. We’ll also discuss tips and tricks on ensuring your dog gets only the best from its chew. So grab a seat, and let’s look at how beef cheeks are made!

A dog on a bed chewing on a bully stick.

Dogs and chewing

Chewing comes naturally to dogs. It is their instinct and helps them keep their teeth clean and gums healthy. Additionally, chewing helps them release anxiety, and it is a mental stimulus. All of these things make for one pleased pup.

Many benefits of offering your dog healthy chews are reasons why you should get the right one for your dog. Cow cheek rolls are one of them. When Barking Buddha dries and rolls them, they are natural and considered a safe chew for your friend. They will provide your pup with hours and hours of chewing fun.

There are different reasons why dogs chew, but usually, it is because of their instincts. Also, it can be comforting to them. That is the reason why you should give your dog treats and other toys. After all, variety is the spice of life. 

What are they and how are beef cheeks made?

Beef cheek rolls are sturdy chews made from a rolled-up and dried cow cheek. Usually, you can find them in a few different sizes so all dogs can enjoy these delicious natural chews. As the dog chews them, they unroll and seem to be the toy that never ends.

The great thing about beef cheeks is that they are easily digestible. When your dog continues to chew, it will have no problem digesting small pieces of beef cheek rolls. This is all because they are made from cheek muscles.

The cheek is washed and then stripped without chemicals. Because of this, the cheek meat can absorb water before dehydration, and this gives the cheek a fluffy texture during the process.

Making them is simple and natural because they have a single ingredient. Make sure you find a company that produces them and cares about quality.

Barking Buddha is the home of the original beef cheek. Quality chews at an affordable price. Shop now for happy dogs. 

What are the benefits of beef cheek rolls?

1. They are entertaining.

They are made of pure beef, making them naturally delicious and irresistible to your dog. The combination of durability and flavor will minimize the number of shoes lost to your friend with four legs. And this will help keep boredom and anxiety far away.

2. Beef cheek rolls are good for teeth health.

They get softer as the dog chews them, but they start hard. When your dog is using them, it will help clean their teeth and remove tarter and plaque. These treatments are a great way to keep your dog’s dental hygiene at a great level and in good shape. And make brushing their teeth a lot easier. 

3. Good health and nutrition.

Beef cheeks have vitamins B and C, collagen, and iron. They have more than any other part of beef. This helps support your dog’s healthy skin, coat, and joints. One or two beef cheek rolls in a week is what vets recommend.

4. Long-lasting treat.

They do not easily break apart or crumble. Their only ingredient is a single piece of beef cheek, making them durable because dogs have to chew through these rolled pieces.

5. Don’t forget the flavor.

Because these are made from only a sing-ingredient, it’s hard for our furry friends to resist their taste and smell. You should always check the ingredients to be sure that the producer you choose is the one that uses no chemicals or additives.

A dog chewing on a beef cheek roll.

Are there any downsides to beef cheek rolls?

Generally, they are safe for dogs and far safer than dangerous rawhide. As they become softer when your dog chews them, they become digestible, too. With appropriate supervision and access to water, they are safe for dogs.

However, make sure that you are present when your dog is enjoying this chew. If a large piece breaks off, it might create a sharp edge. If you ever notice any damage to your dog’s chew, you need to remove it or file it down before you return it to your dog. Always be on the lookout for any large pieces that can cause your pup to choke.

Your dog may get diarrhea if it gets too many treats. So, as with everything, use moderation. Also, if your dog has a beef allergy, you should find another chew for it. Yak Cheese Chews are another great option!

How to be sure that your dog’s chew is safe?

You can do a simple `test` and figure out if the particular treat is safe for your dog to chew on.

Test the hardness.

The thumbnail test can be helpful if your dog needs something a little softer. You should be able to press your nail against the chew, and it should leave a mark or at least have some give to it. Anything harder might cause dental damage to brittle teeth.

Make sure that it is not too soft and that it will last long.

The chew should not be poorly made, and softness from poor quality can lead to more problems. However, soft chews are perfect for older dogs and teething puppies. But power chewers may be able to chew it apart or swallow chunks or pieces of it.

Size and shape are also important.

Make sure that the chess you buy is the right size for your pup. If chews are too small, your pup can easily swallow them. Generally, a size too big isn’t a problem, but if they are too big, they can cause jaw problems.

Dog chews need to provide entertainment.

If they provide hours of chewing and distraction and last a long time, surely, your dog will enjoy them.

You need to know your dog’s chewing style.

Some dogs are power chewers, while others just like to nibble. If you know which type of chewing your dog likes, you will easily find a safe dog treat for it.


Beef cheek rolls are easily digestible and satisfying natural chews. However, always make sure you are present while your dog is enjoying any treats. The same goes for beef cheek rolls. You want to prevent your little friend from breaking off large pieces and swallowing them.

Beef cheek rolls have some great chewing benefits for dogs. If you have any additional questions, you can always contact us; we will be happy to answer your questions.

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