June is National Pet Preparedness Month

As hurricane season approaches, it is important to remember to create an evacuation plan for the whole family. June is National Pet Preparedness Month as a reminder that disasters can happen at any moment, a “go bag” is essential in the event your home is struct by a natural disaster and you need to evacuate quickly with your loved ones. Along with natural disaster are man-made disasters that you should prepare and keep in mind such as plane crashes, chemical spills, fires, and power outages. A “go bag” will ensure a calm and quick exit. Use this list to help you for your “go bag” and emergency preparation:

  • A week’s worth of food (canned and nonperishable foods in airtight and waterproof containers are recommended)
  • A week’s worth of water (rotate it regularly)
  • Updated Identification for both you and your pet.
  • Medication (keep an extra supply of your pets’ daily medications in a waterproof container)
  • Medical Records (keep a copy physically or digitally of your pets’ updated records in the event of flooding in your area)
  • Water/Food bowls
  • Collar ID tag with update contact information. Microchipping is also suggested as collars can fall off and go missing in inclement weather.
  • GPS collar, in the event your outdoor pet gets lost.
  • Additional collars, harness, and leashes.
  • Sanitation supplies (keep paper towels, disinfectant spray, trash bags and any other necessary cleaning items)
  • Traveling crate
  • Dog waste bags
  • Flashlight (in the event of a power outage, keep close sight of your furry friend)
  • Blanket (to bed your pet)
  • Toys and chews (these will ensure to keep your pet calm and relaxed while ensuring fun and safety during the chaos)
  • Anxiety jacket is recommended for pet’s that get nervous during severe weather.
  • A picture of you and your pet together in the event you become separated.

If you have large animals, ensure vehicles are available for transporting and evacuate animals earlier.

Creating an evacuation plan is equally essential as emergency bag preparation. Ensure you have an additional place you can take shelter; in the event your area is in a flooding zone or high winds area. Ensure pets are allowed in your subsidiary location, as many hotels and public shelter do not allow animals. Develop a system with your close community of friends and family to care or evacuate your pet in the event you are not able to.

Keeping current with the conditions and staying informed is another crucial step in preparing for a disaster. Listen to your local news in the event an emergency evacuation is in order. Regardless of your level of preparation always bring your pet indoors to safety and carry them as you travel this will prevent any unnecessary losses. Your pet is a loved one and their wellbeing is a priority, along with the rest of your family. If you require additional information and tips to prepare your pet for a disaster, contact your local veterinary or animal shelter.

Prepare your family today!

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