Barking Buddha Dog Guide

Barking Buddha Pet has a variety of grass-fed and free-range treats, chews and bully sticks to satisfy any picky eater no matter the size. To explain further on what it means to feed a grass-fed treat to your dog, grass-fed proteins are naturally leaner and healthier (therefore tastier) because of their diet compared to a grain fed one. The main reason why we source our proteins from South America is because of the great nutritional value at an attainable price, giving the average buyer the opportunity to feed a tastier treat to their dog at affordably. 

Our bestselling treat is definitely the Green Lamb Tripe 6 oz.

If you are wondering what the word “green” stands for in Green Lamb Tripe, “green” means that a protein remains integral, meaning, it hasn’t been stripped during the cleaning process of all the good bacteria and minerals that are so essential for a dog’s well-rounded nutrition. The fact that it is lamb tripe also makes it even better, as there are dogs that are allergic to other common proteins such as chicken and/or beef when they’re corn fed.

tripe stick

If your dog has dark spots on their belly, tear mark stains, and allergies, it is a sure sign that the food they’re eating is not working for them. Unless advised otherwise by your Vet, we recommend switching to Farmina or PetKind– and no, we are not affiliated- we just know from experience in the industry what foods are best for restoring good health in pets. The tear marks, particularly are a sign that the food the dog is eating has dyes that they cannot metabolize so they “release it” in their tears and sometimes their urine. Not feeding foods or treats with dyes is essential for their bodies to have a clean digestion.

At Barking Buddha, we do not, EVER, use dyes or chemicals and strive to clean our products naturally. We ensure our treats, chews and bully sticks are free of salmonella and other harmful pathogens while remaining nutritious and healthy for your dog.

Other products to consider “with a purpose” are our chews, bully sticks and bones. These are not only fun for the dog, they are also big stress relievers. They help relieve all that tension that builds up in their jaws so by concentrating on gnawing a natural chew, such as a body part, they feel like they’re enjoying their prize. An interesting fact is that natural chews help clean your dog’s teeth by the simple action of chewing!

Bellow you will find our Barking Buddha Dog Guide of Treats and Chews to guide you better when buying dog treats for your fur friend. If your dog is a power chewer, please consider a larger chew that will be more long lasting for them. You can always go up but try not to go down in size as it can become a choking hazard.

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