a dog chewing on a natural chew in the grass

The Ultimate Guide to Camping With Your Dog

When the weather warms up, many people love to go out camping. But often, that means that they leave their dog at a boring facility. While Fido might enjoy a vacation of their own, it’s a lot more fun to bring them along on the trip.

What do you need to do to prepare? What supplies should you bring? Well, don’t worry. We have an ultimate guide to camping with your dog so that everyone can enjoy the great outdoors.

a dog chewing on a natural chew in the grass

Before You Go

First, before you even begin to pack for your trip, you need to make sure everything is lined up beforehand. Being prepared can save you many headaches in the long run and help keep your camping trip on track.

Double-check with the park if dogs are allowed

If you are going to a park of any sort to camp either in a tent or a camper, it is good to call ahead or google if they allow dogs at the park. Many campgrounds have their own rules when it comes to having pets. Calling ahead can also be helpful if you need to bring proof of shots or have to be in a designated area.

Get a vet check-up

Taking a trip to the vet is important for a few reasons, but you should take your dog to your vet before going camping. While you might not think your dog needs this, it might save your dog’s life. Camping, especially in the woods, can be unpredictable. This quick check-up also ensures that your pup is up-to-date on all of the shots and medications they might need.

If you have a puppy, they might be better off at a boarding facility. Prolonged exercise can be too much on a young pup, and often they still need another set of vaccinations. Let them sit this one out in some AC and scout the trails for next year’s adventure.


So, now that you know your dog is healthy, here are some things you need to bring with you. Having a checklist ensures both of you have a great time while staying safe.

Clean Water

Having clean water is vital for both you and your dog. Having a source of clean drinking water can save your life. While many streams are safe to drink from, many have bacteria that can make your dog sick or worse. It is also helpful to have a portable water filter if you plan to be away for an extended trip. Also, don’t forget their bowl!

Healthy Dog Chews

There are many things you can do while camping. However, your dog doesn’t have quite as many options. Make sure that you bring along some healthy chews to keep your dog busy. This can be helpful while you’re making dinner or setting up a tent for the night.

Want to know what the best road trip snack is for dogs? Beef Cheek Chips. Easy to digest and safer than rawhides. Beef Cheek Chips are the perfect camping snack. Pick up a two-pack today, and your dog will thank you.

First-aid Kit

We want to think that nothing bad ever happens, but when out in the middle of nowhere, being prepared is the best way to be. Having a first aid kit for both you and your dog can save your lives.

Any meds your dog needs.

Don’t forget to pack your own vitamins but if your dog takes any type of medication or supplement, make sure you bring that along with some extra just in case you end up staying out longer than you initially thought.

Dog backpack

Have your dog carry their own stuff! Having a backpack made for dogs will ensure that your pup is comfortable all day long. Meanwhile, they can hold their own sleeping stuff, Beef Cheek chips, and anything else your dog needs for the day.

Make sure you add your contact information somewhere in the backpack just in case your dog wanders too far.

Dog running with beef cheek roll in mouth

Collar and leash with tags and a bell

Your dog should always have its collar and rabies tags on when you are out and about. However, your dog should also wear a bell on its collar. This can help for two different reasons. First, it alerts you where your dog is at all times. Second, it can alert other animals to your dog so as not to wake a sleeping bear. Make sure to bring a good strong leash as well!

Pro Camping Tip: Make sure to have your dog microchipped!

Dog coat

Even if you pick out the best weekend to go camping, the weather can be unpredictable. Make sure your dog has a water-resistant jacket. Having one can also help keep your dog warm on a chill evening or keep them safe if the wind picks up.

Mosquito repellent

Having mosquito repellent on hand for both you and your dog will help keep the bugs away. It can also help prevent any illness that the little bitey bugs carry. There are dog-friendly mosquito repellents on the market. Some flea and tick preventive medications already have a mild mosquito repellent.

Waste bags

Just because you are out in nature doesn’t mean that you should act like an animal. Make sure to pick up your dog’s waste so everyone can continue to enjoy the great outdoors. Dog waste can also be harmful to local wildlife.

Dog Food

While your dog would love to eat whatever you are eating, they should stay on their regular diet. Maybe a little treat here and there. Grass-fed chews are always a favorite.


First, make sure you get a tent that fits you, your dog, and the gear you carry comfortably with room to move. For most dogs, a 35-square-foot tent should be perfect.

After you get the perfect tent, you need to make sure to acclimate your dog to the tent. Not every dog loves tents the first time around. Set up your tent in a backyard or local area and let your dog get used to it for a bit before making the big trip.

It might also be in everyone’s best interest to have a quick trip before a long camping excursion. Make a short local camping trip to see how your dog reacts to camping before going out of state.

a dog chewing on a peanut butter beef cheek roll.

Camping And Hiking Tips

Keep these final tips in mind before you head off on your adventure.

  • Be aware of others when camping. While you know your dog, not everyone you meet will be as comfortable around them.
  • Always keep your dog on a leash. Even having a hands-free leash can make camping with your dog easier.
  • Share the trail. When others are approaching, be sure to scoot your dog to one side. This allows everyone to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Keep your dog on the trail. While it might be fun for your dog to explore the world, it can not only pose a danger for your dog but could also upset the natural balance of nature.


Finally! You went to the vet and are positive that your dog is healthy enough to go camping with you. You have your checklist and everything on it. You know the park and your dog loves sleeping in the tent. You are now ready to go on an adventure with your best friend.

Don’t forget the treats! Beef Cheek Chips are a delicious and safe snack that is rich in collagen and is great for your dog. Additive-free and perfect for any outdoor adventure.

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