Why Bully Sticks Are Great Dog Chews (‎Key Facts)

Do you know what bully sticks for dogs actually are? They appear to be all the rage and have been trending recently. They are steer penis, sometimes just called pizzle!

The fact that so many people are unaware of it doesn’t matter to your dog, even if it might make you think twice. You may be wondering why you would want to purchase anything like this.

What advantages does this provide your dog?

Or are there any additional hazards, too?

We will examine the advantages and any possible problems with this novel chew in this post, so you can decide whether it is a wise choice for your dog.

A dog holding a bully stick with the words "Born To Chew".

Key facts

The Benefits & Drawbacks of Bully Sticks

Bull penises are used to make bully sticks, also known as pizzle sticks or bull pizzles.

●They are a super durable chew that is great for dental health and aids in endorphin release.

It is important only to purchase them from reputable vendors and always wash your hands before and after handling chews.

●Due to their high degree of digestion, there is little chance of intestinal obstruction.

Avoid any choking danger by keeping an eye on your dog and removing the last piece if large parts are chewed off.

Giving them to smaller pups is permitted (but only for 5-10 minutes at a time is recommended, and always supervised.)

Bully Sticks: What Are They?

Bully sticks are created by removing, then stretching a bull or steer penis, which is then dried naturally. They are typically dried by dehydration, although they are occasionally roasted or smoked.

There is no chemical treatment or extra additives to bully sticks.

They are packed and cut into usually packed together in similar-sized pieces after thoroughly drying, ready to be given to your dog as a chew.

Bully Sticks are Nutritious Snacks

Bully sticks are not only becoming a popular chew option for dogs, but they also give your dog something to gnaw on while having several health advantages.

Furthermore, unlike some other chews or snacks, are easily digested. Additionally, unlike other chews, they don’t splinter, so you won’t have to worry about tiny broken-off bits inflicting harm to their insides.

Bully sticks are highly digestible and a healthy, single-ingredient chew! They are only created from high-protein beef pizzle and are perfect for your dog. The extra boost of amino acids in these chews helps support healthy muscles, brain, skin, and coat. Furthermore, because of their limited ingredient list, they are a terrific alternative chew for dogs with allergies or sensitivities.

Want to maintain a healthy grin on your dog? Bully sticks can even help with that. These natural chews help keep your dog’s teeth clean in addition to brushing their teeth. Tough chews are essential to your dog’s health since gum inflammation (periodontal illness) is one of the most prevalent disorders in dogs. 

How frequently ought dogs to be given bully sticks?

Bully sticks are a healthy, single-ingredient dog chew, but pet owners should only feed the advised quantity daily. But how many is too many?

Once per day is what we suggest.

No more than 10% of your daily calorie intake should come from things like treats, but chews are more a toy, not a food. But the calories count, so keep that in mind if your dog has any restrictions.

Can I Put Bully Sticks In The Freezer To Destroy Any Living Bacteria?

Yes and no. Yes, freezing your chews can destroy any beetles that may have gotten in during shipping. However, it will not kill off bacteria like salmonella. Furthermore, dogs are more resistant to this bacterium than people are.

Does your dog occasionally gnaw on a bully stick while you’re away, on your sofa or bed pillow? Then you might not want to let them have a bully stick up there. 

Bully sticks don’t have a higher risk of contamination than any other dog treat if they are supplied ethically. Your dog treats will be free of germs and other pollutants if you buy these natural chews from a trustworthy business that manufactures them using only natural processes.

Bully sticks are a safer chew and beneficial for your dog when they are carefully obtained and prepared, like the ones here at Barking Buddha!

Bully Sticks Stink Because…

Sometimes mass-market bully sticks have one downside: regardless of how nutritional they are, it is simply too much for some dog owners. They have a foul odor.

Some of their scents may linger if they are not completely dried. Dogs, of course, might like the fragrance; humans, not so much. You may also notice the odor become stronger when it mixes with your dog’s saliva, which is natural.

Try Barking Buddha Bully Sticks because how they process the chews minimizes unwanted odors. However, you may still get a faint scent when your dog is busy chewing.

Bully sticks without odors: do they work?

Bully sticks can occasionally have a faint fragrance, even after being properly dried (or smoked), but we can all agree that a faint smell is preferable to a strong one.

An odorless bully stick gets moistened once again when it is chewed by a dog, which might also bring back part of the fragrance.

A dog chewing on a braided bully stick.

Can Bully Sticks Obstruct A Digestive Tract?

Because bully sticks are easily digestible, there is little chance of intestinal obstruction. This is because bull pizzle digest rather quickly in the stomach. However, always watch your dog and remove any damaged chew before it is completely gone.

Can Dogs Choke On Them?

A pizzle stick becomes dangerous when it gets so small that your dog can swallow it. Even though these chews are digestible, large pieces have the potential to become lodged in the throat before reaching the stomach, leading to potentially serious choking episodes. Take the final piece away when it becomes too small for your dog.

Can Puppies Have Bully Sticks?

As a new puppy owner, you’re probably looking for the greatest all-natural treats to give your pet. Bully sticks are a well-liked chew that dogs go crazy for, but can puppies indulge in these mouthwatering chews, too?

Bully sticks are safe for pups above five pounds and with all of their adult teeth. The answer is yes (which, according to the Veterinary Centers of America Inc., is normally by the age of six months.).

Keep track of her calorie consumption to keep your dog at a healthy weight. Due to their density, bully sticks are chews that are high in calories. On days when your dog enjoys a bully stick, you should modify any additional treats you provide to account for the extra calories while leaving the rest of their food intact to provide a complete and balanced diet.

How Many Should I Give My Puppy?

Generally, a medium 6-inch bully stick has about 88 calories. But that can fluctuate between sticks. Unless you remove the chew before it is gone, we advise giving your pup no more than two to three bully sticks each week. There is no reason a bully stick can’t withstand numerous chewing sessions.

Barking Buddha products are a quality chew that is perfect for dogs of all ages. Shop now.

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