Are beef cheeks for dogs expensive or not?

You know how much we all love to watch our dogs sit and gnaw on their favorite bone or toy. It’s interesting to see how much they seem to be having so much fun. Your dog doesn’t just chew for fun. Chewing is an essential aspect of your dog’s life and is beneficial for both their physical and emotional health.

At first glance, beef cheeks might seem higher priced, but they really are an affordable, long-lasting, natural chew.

Be alert though!

You should be aware of a few things before rushing out to grab your dog a bone from the local pet store. Make sure your dog is chewing on a chew or bone that is suitable for its size, age, and chewing preferences.

Their health may deteriorate if they are not given a proper and enjoyable chew, and they can attempt to eat the stuffing from your new couch instead.

Does your dog munch through chews and bones as quickly as you do a container of movie popcorn? Do they dig their teeth into everything they find? Pet owners typically go searching for a chew that will last a long time since they want to get the most value for their money.

But while there is no such thing as a chew that lasts forever, we want to find the most durable, long-lasting chew. Depending on your dog’s chewing preferences, there are many different chew options available, especially the natural, sometimes more affordable, beef cheeks and pizzle sticks.

A dog chewing on an affordable beef cheek roll.

What Are Beef Cheeks?

Beef Cheek, sometimes called Beef Head skin, is a natural beef product made completely chemically free from cow cheek. Your dog will appreciate these all-natural, durable, and easily digestible chews.

Dogs like chewing on beef cheek rolls because they are pleasant and extra durable. They come in multiple sizes and are made with grass-fed, free-range beef.

Beef cheeks are not like rawhide! Beef cheeks are natural, highly digestible, and not treated with chemicals, therefore are a safer, affordable chewing option for your dog.

Are Beef Cheek Rolls Digestable?

Yes, beef cheek rolls are far safer for dogs than many other types of chews. With the right supervision and availability of water, beef cheek rolls are very safe for dogs to chew on since they become soft and digestible.

Before giving the roll back to your dog, any broken pieces that have sharp edges should be removed or filed down. Additionally, it is always a good idea to watch out for any bits that are big enough to choke your dog.

How Healthy Are Beef Cheeks For Dogs?

Unlike rawhide, these rolled cow cheeks for dogs are significantly healthier and safer than conventional rawhide rolls. Since they are untreated and created without preservatives, additives, fillers, or chemicals.

Beef cheek rolls are far less likely to result in gastrointestinal problems, obstructions, or scraping of the stomach lining since they are made from the softer and thicker head skin of cattle.

Additionally, they serve as a natural toothbrush for your pet, providing a safe and healthful chew that also promotes dental health and fresh breath in dogs. Give your dogs these beef cheek rolls, which are strong in protein and low in fat.

So while beef cheeks are more expensive than some chews, their quality makes up for it.

How Long Does Beef Cheek Last?

A dog can happily chew for hours as long as they are supervised. But it is best to limit time to no more than 15 minutes at once, so your dogs can safely munch on beef cheeks. This routine enables them to enjoy chewing while maintaining their teeth’ cleanliness and health.

What Distinguishes Beef Cheek Rolls From Rawhide?

Although popular, rawhide products can be a dangerous treat for dogs. It has a hard, stick-like chew because it is created from cow skin that has been processed. Often these products are choking hazards, made with chemicals, and do not easily digest.

However, Beef cheek is made from the entire cheek of the cow. These single-ingredient chews are not chemically processed and are protein-packed, and these chews can be digested and smoked rather than stripped.

The Best Beef Cheek Rolls

The best beef cheek rolls have a short ingredient list and are durable enough to prevent choking.

Barking Buddha Pet Products are imported from South America and produced in a facility that has received FDA approval.

Intended as a chew and not as food. Therefore be sure to have enough water for drinking.

They are a fantastic affordable substitute for rawhide since they last a long time and are much simpler to digest.

●They have a wonderful taste and are high in collagen.

●They lack preservatives, chemicals, and additives.

●Our Beef CheekTM Slices are cleaned naturally, and then slowly baked to maintain the natural beef flavor.

Single Ingredient: Grass-fed beef head skin/ natural vanilla and mint extracts

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 81.2% min, Crude Fat 3.3% min, Crude Fiber 0.7% min, Moisture 12.8% min, Ash 1.9% max

And now to refer to the main question: are beef cheek rolls expensive?

Beef cheeks are typically regarded as a specialty cut, yet they are frequently inexpensive.

One way to save even more when you buy beef cheek rolls is to buy a bigger pack. Barking Buddha offers the best quality beef cheek chews in a convenient 5-pack. And beef cheek chips in bulk bags.

Even if you are buying at regular prices, Beef cheek rolls are priced similarly to other quality dog treats, such as bully sticks or yak chews.

So to decide which one you should provide to your dog, don’t look at the price tag but what’s the right chew for your dog and its health.

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