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The Best Way to Store Beef Cheeks and Other Natural Chews

If you’re a dog owner, you know that natural chews are a great way to keep your pup occupied and out of trouble. But if you’re not storing them properly, they could go bad before your dog has a chance to finish them.

Here are the best ways to store beef cheeks and other natural dog chews.

Dog running with beef cheek roll in mouth


Natural chews are great for your dog and are very shelf-stable. However, sometimes, the temperature change can cause condensation during the shipping process. Sadly moisture can attract small beetles.

The good news is these little critters are harmless. They are a great source of protein as we see dog food companies shift to insect protein.

However, storing your beef cheeks and other natural chews can easily eliminate this minor issue that all-natural chews face.


Stocking up on natural chews can be a hassle if you don’t store them properly. Natural chews are so delicious and offer many benefits for your pup, but to get the most use out of them, you must store them properly!

Here are our favorite ways to ensure that your new fresh chew snacks last as long as possible!

Tightly Seal Natural Chews in a Plastic Bag

If you’re storing beef cheeks or other natural chews and notice condensation, the best way to store them is in a clean, plastic zipper bag. This will help stop any further condensation from accumulating. You can place them in a cool, dry place, the refrigerator, or the freezer until your dog is ready to enjoy.

Store Beef Cheeks and Natural Chews in the Freezer

Storing beef cheeks and other natural chews in the freezer is a great way to preserve them for extended periods. The cold temperature helps slow down any growth of bacteria, ensuring that your dog has a safe chewable snack each time they enjoy one.

When storing natural chews in the freezer, it is best to store them in a clean container or bag to stay protected and not get contaminated by other items.

Furthermore, when you store natural chews in the freezer, you kill off any beetles that may have hitched a ride on your chews.

Store Beef Cheeks and Natural Chews at Room Temperature

The last way to store beef cheeks and other natural chews is at room temperature. If you store your natural chews in a cool, dry place like a closet or pantry, they can last up to 6 months.

When storing natural chews at room temperature, it is essential to store them in an air-tight container or bag, which helps keep moisture out. Store them away from heat sources like radiators, vents, and windows.

If you decide to keep your natural chews at room temperature and notice any beetles lurking around, you can pop them in the freezer or place your chew in the oven for about 20 minutes at the lowest temperature.

Zen Tip: Be careful when heating natural chews in the oven. Some, like white bones, can quickly become dangerous if cooked.

a dog chewing on a peanut butter beef cheek roll.


It’s essential to store natural chews properly to keep them fresh and safe for your pup. The three best ways to store beef cheeks and other natural chews are by tightly sealing them in a plastic bag, keeping them in the freezer, or storing them at room temperature in an air-tight container. If you notice any beetles on your chew, you can toss them in the freezer for a little.

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