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Why Grass-fed Chews are the Difference Dogs Need

You already know that giving your dog all-natural chews can help them stay healthy and happy. But did you know that the source of those natural chews can make a huge difference in your pet’s life?

Grass-fed beef chews are a healthy way to fuel your pup’s body while also being environmentally friendly. Responsibly and sustainably produced, these natural dog chews provide essential proteins and other nutrients that can help keep your pet’s immune system in top shape — without compromising the planet!

These chews are the difference in your dog’s healthy life. Let’s look more at why Grass-fed chews are the best. No bull!

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Grass-fed cattle are cows raised on a diet entirely based on their natural environment. Unlike grain-fed beef, cows are not given any grains or corn-based ingredients in their diet. Furthermore, because these animals spend more time at pasture, they are overall stronger, healthier animals.

Due to this diet and lifestyle, grass-fed beef is more nutrient-dense and filled with essential fatty acids that are important for canine health.

A quick note: just because cattle are grain-fed doesn’t mean they are wrong or bad. In fact, grain-fed cattle are excellent sources of dairy and other products.


The regulations for grass-fed cattle have a significant impact on sustainability. The American Grassfed Association (AGA) is one of the few organizations that provide standards for grass-fed beef production. These standards require animals to be raised on pasture and fed only with grasses and forages from the beginning of their lives until they are harvested.

The AGA also requires that grass-fed cattle receive specific care and have access to the outdoors year-round. By ensuring these regulations, we can help reduce our carbon footprint while still providing a quality product for your pup.

Furthermore, because grass-fed beef is more nutritious per ounce than grain-fed beef, these animals produce higher-quality bi-products. Such as yummy white bones and beef cheeks.

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Finally, choosing grass-fed beef chews for your pup helps to support local communities. By buying grass-fed chews, you support farmers and ranchers who adhere to the AGA standards. This helps to keep these businesses afloat while ensuring that your pup receives healthy and nutritious treats!


Grass-fed dog chews are a great source of protein and important nutrients for your pup. They are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce inflammation in the joints and improve cognitive function.

The high protein levels also help to build lean muscle mass and support metabolism regulation. Furthermore, grass-fed chews also contain probiotics that can improve digestive health and antioxidants that protect cells from damage.

Additionally, grass-fed beef contains higher levels of vitamins A, D, and E than grain-fed beef. These vitamins are essential for proper growth development and boosting your pup’s immunity.

Furthermore, some new studies show that grass-fed beef may be able to help reduce allergies.

So, when choosing the best treats and chews for your pup, look no further than grass-fed beef chews! These chews are healthier for your pup and better for the environment.


Grass-fed beef chews are just as safe, if not more than other natural chews. This is due to the stringent regulations that grass-fed cattle must adhere to, which ensures that the animals are raised in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Always be sure to supervise your dog whenever they enjoy a natural chew like beef cheeks or bully sticks.

However, grass-fed chews satisfy your dog’s chewing needs like any other chew. But you definitely get the high nutrition benefit from choosing grass-fed.


Keeping healthy, natural chews affordable is our mission. But that doesn’t mean we are careless with our production process. We choose only the best grass-fed cattle for our products to ensure that your pup gets the best.

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Grass-fed beef chews are an excellent way to provide your pup with the necessary proteins and nutrients they need for a healthy life. Not only do these natural treats have more nutritional value than grain-fed options, but they also help reduce our carbon footprint while supporting local farmers.

Additionally, grass-fed chews may even be able to help reduce allergies in dogs! With all of these benefits combined, there is no better choice when choosing the best treat for your furry friend.

So make the switch today and let your pup taste the difference that grass-fed chews can make! Shop Barking Buddha now

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