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How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog

Dogs are adorable, make great pets, and are truly our best friends. So how do you convince your parents to get a dog? The answer lies in the simplicity of the words to this often-asked question. It is not so much convincing them to want to get a dog, but proving to them you are ready for the responsibility and it won’t be left on them to take care of them.

dog eating treats

First, try to approach your parents about the idea, in a mild-mannered diplomatic way. Tell them about your feelings and be open to listening to theirs as well. Parents and guardians might be reluctant to get a dog for many reasons: the high costs involved in properly caring for them, the dedication it takes to keep them happy and healthy, and keeping the house clean and in proper order.

Before you even begin to think about asking your parents to get a dog, it is a good idea to figure out why this is so important to you and then plan out a course of action.

Why Dogs Are the Perfect Pet?

A true dog lover could write out a million reasons why dogs make the perfect pets. Starting from their cute wet little noses to their exuberance of a wagging tail when they greet you. Their hilarious antics on the daily to their unbreakable loyalty to their families.

Dogs make the best company! They provide us humans with true friendship in a sometimes very lonely, incredibly vast scary world. They give us owners on a daily basis, a sense of well-being, unconditional friendship, and lasting love that frankly no money could ever buy.

Dogs not only make the perfect pal but are a huge personal comfort. To add to that, they are also known to keep our lives more active and healthier. Playing catch or going on walks can be uplifting and beneficial to both you and your furry companion. Not only promote health on a physical level, but dogs can also actually help lower our stress levels.

Research has been conducted that has proven a canine companion has a direct calming effect on humans, this is due to increased levels of oxytocin (a feel-good hormone in the body and reduced levels of stress-related hormone called cortisol).

It’s a proven fact and actual science, Dogs keep us happy and even healthy! So if you are looking to provide good reasons to give your parents to add a new dog to the family. Don’t forget to put GOOD HEALTH at the top of the list!

How to Convince Your Parents to Get You a Dog?

Before even asking your parents for a pet, It is always crucial to first put yourself in your parents’ position. Maybe they don’t want a dog because of the extra care and money involved. Perhaps someone in the house is allergic to fur, or even has a prior fear of canines.

You’ll want to address their concerns before you even go on “highlighting” all the best parts of owning a dog. Here are some topics that might arise when convincing your parents you are ready for a dog.


Any pet can be expensive, and add greatly to the monthly family budget. Things like food, grooming, comforts, toys, and mounting medical bills…can all add up to a large monetary issue.

If you get an allowance you might decide to save up some of that money and show your parents that you are also willing to contribute toward owning a new pet.

If you don’t already get an allowance, it might be helpful to find odd jobs around the neighborhood or ask for extra chores around the home. Ask questions and discuss with your parents about how you can help “earn” your new family member. For example, taking on extra responsibilities, odd jobs, and signing up for local community service might encourage them to save up for a “dog fund” themselves.


Show them you are mature enough to own a dog! Do your homework on time without being told, be good to your siblings, do all your chores, and do them well. Direct actions like these can get your parents to see the question in a different light.

It seems odd that something like “getting good grades” has anything to do with wanting a dog. However, the people who love and take care of you might be worried that having a pet will affect your performance in school. Getting your grades up and maintaining them is a huge thumbs up, and one that shows your guardians you are responsible enough for these big life choices.

Most importantly, be consistent and follow through with all your responsibilities. While pets are so much fun, they also are a lot of work. There is tons of training, clean-up, socializing, and exercise involved in keeping your dog happy and healthy.


Whether you get an older rescue dog or a new puppy, you will need to lay out a daily routine feeding schedule for them. By first staying organized and scheduled in your own life, you can show your parents you understand the value of time and effort. Time and effort you will need when you attempt to raise and take care of a well-fed, well-adjusted doggy.

Try things like getting up early every day at around the same time to start your own day, and make your own breakfast. Show them you are eager to learn how to be steadfast and diligent in your daily life schedule.


Dogs will keep you busy cleaning, that’s for sure! Accidents happen, and they will happen inside and outside of the home. Accidents besides, there is all of the obvious daily scooping outside and scrubbing of the rugs inside. Plus, any dog owner knows that baths may be needed, and often. Every breed is different, and every dog needs different care and specialized cleaning routines, including but not limited to the fur, teeth, eyes, and ears.

Prove to your parents you have what it takes to be a proud puppy parent. Start by doing all your chores without hesitation. Do everyday tasks without having to be told so, or nagged into accomplishing them. Make your bed right away, take out the trash when it’s full, pick up your room before your parents even get home. Extra credit can’t hurt, and it displays your ability to clean up after yourself and others.


Keeping you and your dog healthy by scheduled play and exercise is crucial to the benefit of both your bodies and minds. Exercise like walks to the park, or playing catch with their favorite ball keeps your dog healthy and agile. Exercise has proven in pups to reduce agitation and help aid with other behavioral issues. Also, staying active reduces the chance of future problems like arthritis in the joints and canine obesity.

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So how does this apply to your parents giving you permission to get your own dog? Well, very simply, before you even ask them the big question. Let them see you put down your phone and video games, a few hours in the day and go outside and play or workout.

Call up your friends for a scheduled game of basketball or encourage your parents to join you for an afternoon walk around the block every week. This in a very literal way, shows them you can balance your time efficiently and you are ready to have another family member join along in the fun.

Fun Ways to Present Your Argument

Digital Presentation

Getting a dog is a huge responsibility and a big ask from your parents. Which means, why not present it in a more high-tech, professional manner? Try proposing your case using a digital presentation like PowerPoint slides. I mean, it works so well for school projects and board meetings!

Recently, on the internet, a story came up on Reddit about a girl who made a PowerPoint presentation to her father about why she felt they needed a family cat. Lining out detail by detail how she could handle all the work and responsibilities it would take to have one in the home.

You have got to give her credit for pure ambition and creativity. In the end, the whole internet was rooting for Dad to give her the “Greenlight”! And I’m sure you could use digital media in a similar manner to get your perfect pup too.

Information Collage

Go old school with paper and glue! Make an information collage describing what breeds interest you. Whether you want a puppy or an older rescue dog and why? Add lots of pictures, and really put your heart and soul into the project.

The people who care for you will quickly take notice of your hard work and dedication. They will see you have been researching the topic and take time to really think about it. Make sure to point out specific pros of getting the dog. Also, you are going to want to add all the adorable puppy pictures you can possibly fit onto the information board.


Honestly, the best way to show your parents you can handle the responsibilities of a dog is by showing them. Start getting permission to start pet-sitting and walking dogs around your neighborhood. Volunteer at pet rescue centers and dog salons in the area, clean up help is always needed.

By seeing you in action first-hand it shows that you are ready to have your own and go above and beyond to help out around the house too.

No matter how you ask your parents for a dog, be it via a flashy digital presentation or a small personal letter. Remember to be calm and state your case while at the same time listening to their concerns.


Convincing your parent or guardian to get a dog requires patience, responsibility, and effective communication. By addressing their concerns with well-researched facts and showcasing your commitment to taking care of a pet, you can increase your chances of persuading them.

Remember to present a well-thought-out plan. Include training, responsibilities, and financial aspects, to demonstrate your maturity and readiness for the responsibility. Ultimately, by demonstrating your love for animals and showcasing the positive impact a dog can have on your life, you can pave the way for a heartfelt conversation that may convince your parent to welcome a furry friend into your family.

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