How can I improve my dog’s coat naturally?

Everyone wants beautiful luscious locks and a healthy scalp. Likewise, we want the same things for our pets, too. Our best friends look and probably feel great when they have healthy, itch-free skin and full, shiny coats.

Dogs are a lot hairier, but, in a lot of ways are like us. Their well-being depends on varied and nutritious foods and they feel great after exercise. Additionally, when they look well-groomed, they have an extra bounce in their step.

Achieving that just-groomed and gorgeous look is a key part of being a responsible and caring dog parent. There are plenty of ways to get your dog`s coat looking and feeling great. You won`t need to take your pet to the doggy beauty parlor every week.

Read on these easy ideas on how to naturally improve your dog`s coat condition and how to help your dog look amazing and even more adorable.


Dog hair is not only there for warmth and cuteness. It is a big indicator of physical health, too. Just like us, dogs have different hair types. There are curly, long or short-haired, fluffy or coarse. Therefore, there are different signs of whether their coat is in good and healthy condition.

Depending on their breed, we need to do everything possible so they feel light, relaxed, and comfortable in their own skin. A shiny coat is something that will show you that your dog is healthy and will attract a lot of looks on the street.

A healthy dog`s coat should be as soft as possible and free of greasiness and dandruff. This happens when your dog`s skin and coat are producing just the right amount of natural oils and when they are in good health.

However, there is no need to worry if your dog`s fur is more matte than glossy. There are plenty of reasons why their coats might not shine. For instance, white fur does not reflect light like darker fur. Also, dogs with wiry and short coats do not achieve a shine easily.

Additionally, a lot of dogs love to roll about in the dirt or dust, so their shine may only last for a few minutes. That doesn`t necessarily mean that their coats are not healthy or that their coat condition is bad.

Moreover, if your dog`s hair is brittle and dry, it could mean that something is wrong. Excess shedding, dry fur, dandruff, or itchy skin are signs that your dog`s diet may need adjusting. It can be something in their environment or an allergy. Watch out for signs of discomfort in your dog and consult a vet if needed.


The good news for pet owners is that with regular care you can easily get your dog`s adorable coat looking amazing. Here are a few tips to help you improve your dog`s coat in a natural way:

1.Brush your dog`s coat often

Some people may think that only dogs with fluffy and long coats need brushing regularly. However, dogs with short coats equally benefit from regular brushing. When you brush your dog that stimulates the sebaceous glands on your dog`s skin which produces and distributes an oily and waxy layer. That lubricates and makes your dog`s skin `waterproof`.

Regular brushing reduces greasy build-up from accumulating on your pet`s skin. Additionally, this can be a great time for strengthening the bond between you and your dog. You can also use this as a way to make your full day at work less stressful.

Moreover, this way you will perform physical and visual checks on your buddy. You can look out for any irregular lumps or bumps. For example, you can choose to brush your dog two to three times a week for short-coat dogs. Also, or up to two times a day for those with longer hair.

A dog that gets brushed regularly is a shiny and soft dog. Get the comb out as often as you can, even if your dog is resistant or wriggly. Eventually, it will realize you are doing that for its own good. If this causes stress for your pet, and that doesn`t get better, and you don`t know how to help him, you can try holistic grooming to help your dog relax and enjoy.

2.Find a suitable frequency for baths

Frequent baths work against keeping the dog`s skin and coat at the optimum. It can dry out the body`s natural oils which cause irritation and dryness. Those are the two things you are trying to avoid.

The oil coating that dog skin naturally develops is a barrier against external germs. Likewise, the oils that the sebaceous gland produces help fur growth. Skin needs time to produce these oils and if bathe them often we might interfere with that.

That is why, if you can do not bathe your dog more than once in two or three weeks. Some dogs can even go longer without bathing. The best idea might be to bathe them every three months. It might be a safe option.

However, if your dog has long hair and it gets messy or muddy regularly, then, it can benefit from often baths. When you bathe your dog try to use quality products. They also need shampoo and conditioner so their hair can be beautiful and healthy.

3.Your dog`s diet should be balanced and complete

Natural foods that have nutrients and different ingredients and a diet that has balance is the best cure for almost every problem. If your dog`s diet is missing important nutrients their coat might appear poorly looking.

Firstly, if you are not including fish oil and Omega-3 supplements in your dog`s diet, you should do it right away. The role of these fats is that they are regulating inflammation in skin disorders. Dogs with itchy, dry skin will benefit from regular doses of these fats.

Secondly, zinc is an important mineral in a dog`s diet, too. It ensures beautiful skin and coat, healthy immunity, and good thyroid function. Fresh meats, such as beef, pork, lamb, or turkey are a good source of zinc.

Lastly, complex B vitamin improves coat and skin and it is important for muscle formation, thyroid function, and healthy digestion. The kidney, heart, and liver are great natural sources of vitamins if your dog doesn`t mind raw food.

4.Protect your dog from parasites and fleas

This is a very simple and short tip. The last thing your dog needs is a tick or fleas infestation. Treatments against them are easy to sort out and your local vet. They are very important and they will improve your and your dog`s comfort.

Consult with the vet about the best prevention for your dog. There are topical and oral flea treatments that are good at protecting or treating parasites. Topical treatments are good if your pet struggles to ingest pills, and oral medication is good if your pet has allergies or skin diseases.

5.Use essential oils

Before you decide to use essential oils, remember that you have to dilute them with carrier oil. They can`t go without it because they can be extremely dangerous. Always use therapeutic-grade essential oils for your dog and yourself.

Additionally, when you use naturally derived essential oils the scents released will have a positive mental state for your best friend. For instance, lavender is a pain reliever and anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. It reduces itching and it has antiseptic properties.

Cedarwood oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Helps with fur growth, brings down nervous energy, and reduces dandruff. Roman camomile is gentle and anti-infectious. It provides relief to skin irritations and allergies.

To dilute the oils, you need one drop of pure essential oil and around fifty drops of extra virgin coconut oil, almond oil, grapeseed, or olive oil. If you notice any signs of drooling, disorientation, or lethargy stop using oils right away. Remember not to use oils continuously for more than two weeks.


After following the steps that we mentioned above, your dog will look and feel amazing and soft. Their coat and skin will look great and you will both be happy. For us, self-care is the key to achieving a happy and healthy life. The same goes for our furry friends.

A smooth and shiny coat is an amazing indicator that a dog is taken care of and that it is healthy. If you notice anything that brings you concerns, you can always contact us or talk to your vet.

The ideal skincare routine for dogs is regular brushing, bathing, and grooming. Of course, a healthy diet, too. To boost their mental and physical well-being, make sure that they are getting regular exercise and lots of love.

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