Barking Buddha Small White Bone (3 Pack) for Toy to Small Dogs / Strong Chewers

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The Barking Buddha White Bones are a great alternative to a regular marrow bones because they are cleaned and roasted without the messy marrow or meat.

  • Less likely to splinter and perfect for treating your dog to have a bone indoors especially for apartment living
  • The Small White Bone is perfect for mini to small dogs
  • We do not smoke them or add smoky juice

Want to take it to another level? Add peanut butter inside the bone for a delicious treat!

Other sizes available are Large White Bones and White Knuckle Bones.

Barking Buddha Pet Products are made in an FDA approved facility and sourced from South America. Supervise and feed in moderation. They are intended as a treat, not a food, and make sure to provide plenty of drinking water.

Single Ingredient: Grass-fed beef bone

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